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Ministry of Railways Ministry of Transport Bureau, deputy director of equipm
Data:[2010-9-30]    Hits:[2479]
 April 21, the Ministry of Railways Transport Bureau, deputy director of the Armament Department of the Gang, Director of passenger car in China, Liu Qi, deputy chief engineer of the Southern car car Quartet Southern wang wen song AG, such as deputy general manager Wang Gang, was escorted to a new base in the north to guide the work of inspection, the company Wang Qi, general manager, deputy general manager, introduced with wang wen hu.
       Liu and his party visited the new North-based barriers to cordon off the company, the production of machinery the Department of the scene, inquired in detail about the speed of 200 km and above EMU-related parts of the industry capacity, product performance, technical characteristics, quality control, etc., to listen to the led to EMU key components in technological innovation, scientific and technological achievements into context of the introduction. Gang on the introduction of technology in China after the digestion and absorption of the depth, quality and serialization of products to give a positive development, and made three demands: First, it is necessary to improve product quality, and product refinement. Through improving quality and to promote safety; second is to implement products such as gear box maintenance and testing work for the next higher level of repair work experience; Third, it is necessary to increase R & D efforts. Qishuyan the railway rolling stock as materials and manufacturing process research and development of professional institutions, the next step to play the R & D Materials Technology, will be made through the work, so deep, to further enhance the capability of independent innovation. Relying on scientific and technological support to the national plan to increase high-speed train a new generation of products research and development, the scale of mass production for the Chinese railway development and make due contributions.